Collagen – vital to staying young

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Reduce the signs of ageing with Collagen

The key issue here is that collagen degrades faster than the body can replenish it; and it gets worse the older we get. We are reliant on our diets for the building blocks needed to replace collagen and as we get older our ability to replace collagen fast enough decreases. In simple terms demand simply outstrips supply. A person carrying an injury has an urgent increased demand and should that person be older than their mid-20′s, the human body loses collagen faster than it produces it.

How get best results with Collagen?


Collagen is one of the building blocks of our bodies

After oral consumption, monitoring has shown an accumulation of hydrolysates in the joint tissue. This stimulates chondrocytes to produce a natural bio-synthesis of collagen in the affected joint tissue. In a recent study these positive effects have even been clinically recorded by showing a thickening of cartilage tissue on MRI scans.


Some ailments where Collagen may assist, include;

  • General; aches, limps, post-operations, pains, soreness, stiffness, sprains and twists
  • Ageing; degeneration, dental, eyesight, infirm and unstable, pressure sores, sore feet, ulcers
  • Chronic; nerve point pain, old and ongoing injury, osteoarthritis, ‘pins & needles’, tendonitis
  • Injury; burns, cartilage, ligament, muscle tears, scarring and stitches, tendons, wounds
  • Specialist; some collagen deficiencies, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, skin ailments and grafts

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Title: Collagen – vital to staying young
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Summary: Collagen and why we should all be using it
Description: Collagen makes up a major part of our body and as we get older our ability to make it, from what we eat, decreases. That’s why skin looks thin and old and joints begin to creak. Supplementing with powdered collagen is easy and it goes will in smoothies and fruit juice.

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