Epigentics – beyond the Genome


The simplest way to understand the subject of epigenetics is to consider the epigenome to be a collection of switches that can be either on or Off. They control many functions including disease expression. Could it be that very specific food can alter the position of these switches?

A few years ago the talk in the popular science world was all about how the Genome would answer all our problems and produce new treatment options. Now some of that has been true but there are some major questions that have been raised.

Genome, Epigenetics and Genetics

Now I’m an avid reader – give me a book or a magazine and I’ll read – well in truth I skim read and then devote my attention to the texts that really interest me and hold my
attention. When I started to skim-read this article from Time Magazine Jan 2010 I got to
the end of the 2 paragraph and realised that it deserved my full attention.

I’ve been around some of the brightest minds in the pioneering area of nutritional
medicine for the last 12 years and I remember, very clearly, what one medical
mainstream Doctor said around the whole subject of genetics. He reported, from his
own experience, that there were “45 genetic illnesses that have responded positively in response to very specific nutritional intervention” and he also went on to suggest that in some cases – known genetic defects had mysteriously vanished and that the code had seemingly ‘repaired’ itself. The first time I heard this I was stunned, to say the least.
However, this very eminent Doctor went on to theorise that cells might just have a built in blue-print of the correct sequence of DNA that could, given the right circumstances correct DNA defects. He suggested that this ‘blue-print’ was probably associated with the links between the two inter twining helices of DNA and that simple monosaccharide molecules were the likely coding mechanism.

Must read article on Epigenetics

This article below about the Epigenome is stating, with great clarity, that this eminent doctor is correct. This published material begins to ‘join up the dots’ and states that our bodies do in fact have the ability to change the expression of genetic information.
Interestingly the dominant factors would seem to be food, our environment and our own actions. For me the sobering part is that we can affect, either for good or bad, not only our children’s lives but also our own and far from taking thousands of years it can take just a few years.

I urge you to read this important article and make up your own mind. Decoding the human genome was seen as the challenge of the last 20 years.  The challenge of decoding the Epigenome is vastly greater. The thing that excites me is that by making some really simple choices today we might just be able to alter ‘our destiny’ and definitely that of our children.

I give full credit and my thanks to the author, John Cloud and Time Magazine for having the courage to print such a disruptive, but exciting article.

What is Epigenetics? from Aaron Jacob Willman on Vimeo.


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