Trehalose – blooming marvellous

I can’t go very far in any discussion without mentioning what I consider to be one of the most versatile and healthy sugars known to man.  Trehalose has been known of for 70 odd years but has only been actively researched and studied for the last 20 years and only available, in any quantity, in the last 10 years.

trehalose and desert plants and seeds

Trehalose and desert flowers

You may have heard of the phenomena where the dry arid desert suddenly comes to life in just a few short hours after the rains fall. When it occurs it is simply breathtaking and the underlying mechanism that allows plants/seeds to remain viable for hundreds of years involves this very special sugar Trehalose.

Researchers pinning hopes on Trehalose

I’ll talk more about Trehalose in coming days and weeks but Trehalose has no downsides, is safe for everyone to use, looks like table sugar (a bit finer grains), tastes very like table sugar (less sweet) and even cooks like caster sugar (to a point).

trehalose healthy sugarIn the subsequent posts I’ll cover many areas including:

  • history of Trehalose
  • sources of trehalose – none of commercial value
  • How the body uses Trehalose
  • research – published and ongoing
  • Application with nervous system disorders
  • uses
  • baking with Trehalose
  • recipes

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